Friday, 16 November 2012

TELLING STORIES: Foursomes For All, Vol. 3

Roxandra is the beautiful, bi-sexual, hard partying entertainment editor for a local newspaper and the doyen of A Moveable Salon, a clique of young women eager to take advantage of her easy access to touring musicians. Her roommate and sometime lover, Beverley, is plain of face and lush of build. One hot summer night, the Salon is slumming at an old-school tavern, passing time until an up and coming speed metal band takes the stage at a nearby club. The Salon runs out of tables and Beverley invites one of the regulars to add his table to theirs. Ben, a landscaping foreman, has come straight from work. He is dirty, has long, unkempt hair and a scruffy beard, his face and arms bear the scars of some long ago accident and he is missing his bottom front teeth. Beverley's first guess is that he's homeless. Ben adds his table to the Salon's and surprises everyone: he is well read, witty and gainfully employed. As the group is leaving, Roxandra invites Ben to her annual Canada Day barbeque. A week later, he causes a sensation when he shows up at the party. His missing teeth have been replaced by a new lower bridge, his hair is short and styled and he is clean shaven and nicely dressed in a way that shows off his perfectly proportioned, muscular body. Accompanying him is a friend from work, Jake, a good looking college kid.

At the end of the day, Roxandra invites Ben to spend the night. He shocks her, and Jake and Beverley, when he declines the invitation. He and his wife of eighteen years are separated. The divorce won’t become final for another few weeks. He has never been unfaithful and he will remain faithful until the marriage is officially dissolved. Roxandra, who has never been rejected before, suggests they play Tell a Telling Story: a game in which each player tells the story of a sexual encounter and the others guess whether the story is true or fiction. Ben, who knows he is out of touch with current sexual mores, agrees. The stories they tell wind up revealing much more than sexual preference: they reveal character, and a bond of intimacy is forged among them. The weeks pass and the relationships evolve. As the date for the dissolution of Ben’s marriage approaches, each has their own hopes and fears for what will come next.

TELLING STORIES is volume three of Janet G's critically acclaimed series of erotic novellas, Foursomes For All. According to the 180,000+ readers who have sampled excerpts online, it is an “Exquisite work” from “A fabulous writer” and “A real lesson in how it’s done.”

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